15 photos of the bodo culture

The Bodo Culture is one of the most unique and colorful cultures in the world. The Bodo people are an ethnic and linguistic community and one of the first settlers of Assam in North-East India. They are the major inhabitants of the BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region) or Bodoland.

According to their culture, they never let a guest leave without feeding them first! They are one of the most hospitable and culturally rich tribal groups in India.

I hope these photos will inspire you to visit Bodoland, and make you fall in love with the beautiful Bodo culture (I did!).

bodo women wearing dokhona
bodo women
bodo women
bodo women fishing
bodo women cooking
bodo woman making pitha
old bodo women
bodo food
bodo woman weaving
bodo woman cooking
bodo girl cooking
bodoland ambassadors
bodo women wearing dokhona
bodo village mustard fields

So these are some of the awe-inspiring pictures depicting the Bodo culture.  And I don’t think they’re enough. In order to truly be able to understand the Bodo culture, you must visit Bodoland and interact with the people.

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Credits: Some of the pics in this post were taken by my friends Nivedith G and Jimmy Kamballur