Why Kumta Should be Your Next Solo Travel Destination

Every time I write about Kumta, a feeling of ‘romanchana’ kicks in. Sorry, for the lack of finding a suitable word in English, but this is the exact feeling that is invoked each time I take a trip down the memory lane of my visit to Kumta.

Kumta is a virgin, unexplored destination in the coastal town of Karnataka. It is just a two hours’ drive from Gokarna, and an overnight’s journey of 6 – 7 hours by bus from Bengaluru.

I visited Kumta on a solo trip because I was looking for something offbeat, beachy, and secluded. I didn’t want to travel far, and was looking for a place that is accessible by bus.

Thanks to a local birdie who suggested Kumta to me, it has now remained one of my favorite destinations for solo travel in Karnataka.

I know I’m not allowed to have favorites as a travel blogger, but if asked to choose between Gokarna and Kumta, I would definitely go with Kumta, hehe 😛

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In this post, I will cite several reasons as to why I personally found Kumta to be an amazing destination for solo travel. If not for solo travel, it is an ideal destination for families to spend the weekend together too! It is just that perfect little place which caters to all types of travelers.

Before I get into the details of this post, do read my Ultimate Travel Guide to Kumta for details about getting to Kumta, best time to visit Kumta, where to stay in Kumta, and what places to see in Kumta.

If you plan to spend your weekend in Kumta, my 2-day itinerary to Kumta will be of definite help to you!

Why Kumta Should be Your Next Destination for a Solo Trip

Easily Accessible by Public Transport

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Kumta is easily accessible by public transport. You can book an overnight bus from Bengaluru to Kumta for a mere 600 – 700 INR, and reach Kumta the next morning.

For someone who is afraid to ride or drive alone that far, this is one of the best options. You can either book a bus online or head to Majestic, and get into one of the buses that are heading towards Kumta.

Note: If you take a bus from Bengaluru to Kumta, you will be dropped off at the Kumta  Bus Stand. You can either take an auto or request for a cab from your resort to pick you up from there.

A Melange of History, Greenery, and Beaches

baada beach kumta 7

Baada Beach in Kumta

Since Kumta is located on the coastal side of Karnataka, you can expect to find long stretches of beaches along the coast. The two most famous beaches in Kumta are the Baada Beach and the Kumta Beach. I personally loved the Baada Beach because it is pristine, and is isolated from the crowds.

Many resorts in Kumta open their archway to these beaches thereby giving you sufficient privacy. The best resorts to stay at in Kumta are:

  1. Vishraanti Beach Stay
  2. Om Bodhi Retreat

The immaculate beaches are enough to make you fall in love with Kumta, but no, Kumta is generous enough to cater to the needs of history and adventure lovers too. That’s why I love it so much!

baada beach kumta 11

Yana Caves in Kumta

Yana Caves gained popularity after a few scenes from a very famous Kannada movie “Nammoora Mandara Hoove” were shot here. Yana is a place that is lush with greenery, and the Yana Caves are two distinct limestone structures that have their history traced back to the era of demons.

Yana Caves in Kumta

It is believed that Bhasmasura, the demon king was turned into ashes here; and the black color of the caves suffices this belief.

But what really enchanted me about Yana Caves was the mini escapade I took inside the dark, mysterious caverns with bats shrieking from up above. It was as though they were calling out my name which made me feel nothing less than Indiana Jones!

Watch my Kumta Vlog to get a glimpse of my mini adventure inside Yana Caves!

Mirjan Fort in Kumta

If you have ever found a picture of a person sitting on a broken stairway such as the picture below, on Google or on Instagram, know that this picture was clicked at the ruins of Mirjan Fort.

mirjan fort 5

Mirjan Fort is a historical fort that combines the architecture of the Deccan and the Mughal era. Being a fan of living the history that I read in my school text books, you can only imagine what walking through the ruins of Mirjan Fort brought to my inner self.

Every step, every glance, every moment was Déjà vu

I wish I could’ve spent more time at the fort but the merciless sun forced me to leave.

As you can see here, Kumta has so many ways of quenching your travel thirsty soul. Whether you are a beach lover or an adventurer or a history appreciator, Kumta has it all for you, and I’m sure it will not disappoint you!

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Safe for Solo Female Travelers

Baada Beach in Kumta

Kumta is relatively safe for solo female travelers. If you break it down to how, you’ll understand why:

  1. It is accessible by public transport, so you can be sure that other women are accompanying you on the bus. On certain websites, the sex of the passengers who have booked the seats will be highlighted.
  2. You need to take a cab to get around in Kumta. The best way to do this is to rent a cab from your resort itself. This ensures your safety, and you can visit all the places in Kumta in the resort’s cab.
  3. All the destinations within Kumta are safe. You only need to be a little cautious while hiking to Yana Caves as the hike is through a thick forest and there is no connectivity to the mobile network. You can inform your driver to keep a check on you or ask him to accompany you if you feel unsafe.
Yana Caves Forest

The forest leading to Yana Caves

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Company of Nature and Peace for the Mind

Baade Beach in Kumta 2

Kumta is a nature lover’s paradise. As an experiential traveler, I seek experiences that can dissolve my senses and bring me closer to my soul, and Kumta is one such place where this happened.

As I stretched my arms above in gratitude to the sun while offering my suryanamaskar, the sea waves danced with joy and rumbled in happiness. As I sat gazing at the setting sun, unifying with Mother Nature, the colors of the sky behind transformed into different hues of orange and pink. As I walked on the grainy sands kissed by the crinkling sea waves, the infinity on the other hand made me realize who I am.

Yoga on Baada Beach

I had many such divine experiences which intensified my spiritual process, and thus Kumta, will always a special place in my heart.

Even if you are not a spiritual person, Mother Nature has her way of gripping you in her charm. And Kumta is one of her propagators.

There can be no experience like that of traveling solo, and for the above reasons I feel Kumta is one of the best destinations for solo travel. So what are you waiting for?! Pack your bags and leave to Kumta right away!


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