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Kumta is a destination like no other. It has pristine beaches, limestone caves, and historical forts combining the best of nature, and history. Kumta is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

In this post, I’m going to share details about getting to Kumta,  traveling within the city, and places to stay at, finishing up with a list of things to do at the town.

Here is my Ultimate Travel Guide to Kumta!

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Where is Kumta?

Kumta is a town located on the coastal strip of Karnataka. It is a part of the Uttara Kannada district. It’s about an hour’s drive to Gokarna in the north, and Murudeshwar in the south.

Kumta is a hidden gem of Karnataka. It has so much to offer, and is one of the best weekend getaways from Bengaluru.

Kumta Map

Best Time to Visit Kumta

The best time to visit Kumta is from October to March. Try avoiding during summer (Apr – May) and monsoon (Jun – Sep).

Baada Beach in Kumta

Getting to Kumta from Bengaluru

The best way to getting to Kumta from Bengaluru is by an overnight bus. Several buses operate between the two places and an overnight journey takes about 7 – 8 hours.

Look up on the internet for buses to Kumta and book one according to your convenience.

If you’re traveling to Kumta from other places like Gokarna or Murudeshwar, it is better to take a cab than a bus because by cab, it takes about 1 hour whereas by bus, it takes about 5 hours.

Yana Caves 1

Getting Around in Kumta

The best way to explore Kumta is by hiring a cab from your hotel. The public transport within Kumta is very limited and doesn’t reach several attractions within the town.

The cost for renting a cab (with the driver) shouldn’t cost more than 3,000 INR per day. You can try negotiating the price further.

Keep in mind that some of the attractions are at least 30 – 40 kms away from each other. So, you might want to rent out a cab for the whole day.

Note: If you are driving to Kumta on your own, you can follow Google Maps and explore the city!

Getting Around in Kumta

Where to Stay in Kumta

There are two beach resorts that offer the best staying experiences in Kumta:

  1. Vishraanti Beach Stay
  2. Om Bodhi Retreat

Both of these have high ratings on and are located on the beach side, thereby giving you access to more privacy on the beaches.

Access to Beachfront

I stayed at the Vishraanti Beach Stay which was still new back in 2018, but offered fantastic amenities. I had access to a private beach (part of Baada beach), an A/C cottage with an attached bathroom, and delicious home-cooked food made by Uttara Kannada cooks.

Although I didn’t stay at the Om Bodhi Retreat, I was in touch with the owner when I was planning a Kumta retreat, and they offered some really cool activities as a part of the package.

vishraanti beach stay 1

You can choose to stay at either of these properties. Both of them face the beaches, and offer a comfortable stay with good amenities.

Also, you can enquire about renting a cab from the properties itself.

Disclaimer: My stay and local sightseeing were sponsored by Vishraanti Beach Stay. However, any opinions/recommendations stated here are my own. In fact, some of my readers did stay at this property and they absolutely loved it!

Things to do in Kumta

Unwind at Baada Beach

Yoga on Baada Beach

Baada Beach is one of the most heavenly beaches in Karnataka. The reason I say this is because it is undisturbed and not visited by a lot of people.

You can spend a whole evening gaping into the infinity of the horizon amidst the mélange of the sunset solors. I spent a lot of time on Baada Beach reading a book, playing in the water, and doing yoga on the beach. It was simply magical!

Explore Yana Caves

yana caves 3

The second favorite part (after the beach) of my solo trip to Kumta was exploring the Yana Caves. How adventurous the experience was!

Yana Caves is a set of two limestone caves that are black in color. These natural formations have their origin traced back to the roots of Hindu mythology- the demon king Bhasmasura was turned into ashes here and the black color of the caves serve as proof to this.

In order to reach Yana Caves, one has to hike for about 1km from the entrance to the top. The hike is through a thick forest and it is advisable for one to be careful and vigilant of their surroundings.

Fun Fact: A very famous Kannada movie – ‘Nammoora Mandara Hoove’ had some of its scenes shot in the picturesque Yana.

Take a Dip in Vibhuti Falls

Vibhuti Falls in Kumta

The Vibhuti Falls is a pleasantly gushing waterfall snuggled into the lush greenery of the limestone jungle. The term ‘Vibhuti’ means limestone, thus the name.

This waterfall is perfect for one to take an afternoon dip and the cool waters will surely rejuvenate your mind!

Learn About the Mughal and the Deccan Era at the Mirjan Fort

mirjan fort kumta 3

Mirjan Fort is a historical fort depicting the architecture of the Deccan and the Mughal era. When I walked through the rugged walls of this fort, I took a journey back in time – a very similar experience to the hike in Lohagad Fort in Lonavala.

If you are someone who loves history, then you must visit this fort.

Visit Gokarna

Near Om Beach, Gokarna

Near Om Beach, Gokarna

Gokarna is about an hour’s ride from Kumta, by cab. Gokarna is another wonderful little town famous for its line of beaches. I had visited Gokarna with my best friend, and we went on the most amazing beach trek ever (self-guided).

Apart from the lovely beaches, Gokarna is also home to the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. One of the Hindu epics states that the ‘Atmalinga‘ of Lord Shiva is in the shape of a cow’s ear, at the Mahabaleshwar temple.

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So, here is my Ultimate Travel Guide to Kumta!

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