According to me, an ideal trip to any country should include two things: a visit to all the famous tourist attractions, and the spirit to venture out and create your own offbeat experiences. I have read many blog posts about “offbeat experiences” in a country but in my opinion, offbeat experiences don’t exist as a defined list. They are what you create. They are distinctive and carved according to each personality. When you try to experience beyond what is already available you get a deep sense of fulfillment and a feeling of belongingness. Every offbeat experience is unique, it is what works for you. Below is my list of the Top 5 Offbeat Experiences to have in Bahrain. While you venture out to try my offbeat experiences, don’t forget to figure out your own!

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Shop at the Al Jazira Supermarket

My favorite part about visiting a country is exploring the supermarkets and scouring around for local products and authentic delicacies. I honestly love spending time at the supermarket and the Al Jazira supermarket is one such market where you can find many amazing products. They have a variety of dates, cheese, vegan products, Middle Eastern sweets, and many more amazing items. Also, if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget or backpacking your way around in Bahrain, it would be cheaper for you to shop at these supermarkets than eating out at restaurants.

Vegan Products at the Al Jazira Supermarket

Vegan Products Haul at the Al Jazira Supermarket, Bahrain

Buy Chocolates at the Manama Souq

Middle Eastern chocolates are extremely cheap and can be found in abundance at the Manama Souq. A must try variant is the almond centered dates covered in dark chocolate – something to die for! Coconut flavored chocolates are also quite famous. The best part is, you can taste your way around these chocolates and pick only what you like!

Chocolates at the Manama Souq, Bahrain

Try Matcha Ice Cream at the Plant Cafe

The Plant Cafe is Bahrain’s only vegan restaurant as of 2018. All of their dishes are 100% plant-based, extremely well-prepared and served in a visually appealing manner. They have a wide variety of dishes like black burgers, pasta, falafel & hummus, etc but their matcha ice cream is to die for! When you visit Bahrain, don’t forget to eat at this cute cafe.

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Matcha Ice Cream at the Plant Cafe, Bahrain

Matcha Ice Cream at the Plant Cafe, Bahrain

Pack Lunch and Chill at Al Dar Islands

The best part about Al Dar Islands is that you can bring your own food and drinks to the islands. Whether you want to go on a family picnic, celebrate your friend’s birthday or simply chill alone at the beach, Al Dar Islands is the place to go. You can either rent a beach hut or use their beach chairs free of cost and have an exotic beachy experience.

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Lost in the Beauty of Nature - at Al Dar Islands, Bahrain

Lost in the Beauty of Nature! – at Al Dar Islands, Bahrain

Experience the Filipino Band at Twister Lounge

Located right inside the Swiss International Palace Hotel Manama, this lounge serves a hodgepodge of cocktails and fine delicacies from around the world. The best part about this lounge is the entertaining live performance by a Filipino Band every night. The place gets extremely crowded on weekends, so reach there well within time.

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Filipino Band Playing at the Twister Lounge, Bahrain

The Filipino Band Playing at the Twister Lounge, Bahrain