Kumta Weekend Itinerary

Kumta is one of the loveliest destinations in Karnataka. Relatively unexplored, this hidden gem has so much to offer in terms of its pristine beaches, scenic caves, and historical forts. It is an ideal place to visit over the weekend and wash away your troubles by the sea.

I visited Kumta on a solo trip, and absolutely fell in love with the place! What charm the place carries! Now, it’s the number one destination on my list for solo travel in India.

For details about getting to Kumta, traveling around, and places to stay at, read my post The Ultimate Travel Guide to Kumta.

Here is my Ultimate Weekend Itinerary to Kumta!

Day 1

Baada Beach

Baada Beach 1

Start you first day by spending some time at the Baada Beach. Baada Beach is a pristine beach located on the coastal strip of Karnataka, by the Arabian Sea. It is secluded unlike the beaches in Gokarna and perfect for those who are seeking some alone time away from the crowds.

Whether you want to take a long stroll by the sparkling waters during sunset, or submerge yourself in the salty waters of the sea, Baada beach is one beautiful beach that will capture your heart forever.

Tip: The waves at Baada Beach are quite strong. Try to stick to the shore end.

Baade Beach in Kumta 2

Mirjan Fort

Mirjan Fort in Kumta

After getting a taste of the salty waters of Kumta, head to the Mirjan Fort to learn about the historical significance of the Deccan and Mughal era.

Mirjan Fort is a historical fort with conflicting versions about the date of its origin. Some people believe that the fort was built between the 15th and 16th century AD by Queen Chennabhairadevi from the TuluvaSaluva clan. Others believe that the fort was built in the early 12th century AD by Nawayath Sultanates and later, taken over by the Vijayanagar Empire.

Irrespective of the conflicting dates of its origin, the Mirjan fort is truly a magnificent piece of architecture that depicts the elegance of the Deccan and Mughal era.

Mirjan Fort in Kumta 2

Day 2

Yana Caves

Yana Caves in Kumta

Any trip to Kumta will be incomplete without visiting the Yana Caves. The Yana Caves in Karnataka has its formation traced back to the age of demons and gods. This is what makes it so special.

The caves are formed from natural limestone and are black in color. According to the Hindu Mythology, Bhasmasura, the demon king, was turned into ashes here – the loose black soil of the caves acts as proof to the legend’s story.

Hiking to the caves was an exhilarating experience! There is a 1km hike from the entrance to the caves through a thick forest with a gushing stream on one side.

Yana Caves Forest

Walking through the caves was another surreal experience. You can hear the bats calling out your names. Hehe. I felt nothing less than Indiana Jones while exploring these caves.

Safety Tip: Yana Caves is relatively isolated. Please be mindful of your surroundings and make sure you are not alone and are surrounded by at least a few people. Since there is a small hike to the top through a forest, wear comfortable shoes or floaters.

Yana Caves in Kumta 2

Vibhuti Falls

Vibhuti Falls in Kumta

After replenishing your adventurous soul at Yana Caves, it is now time to rest in the lap of nature at Vibhuti Falls. Vibhuti Falls is a cascading waterfall surrounded by large rocks and limestone deposits. This falls is the best place to take an afternoon dip, when the crowds are much fewer.

Stand beneath the thumping waters of the waterfall and let nature heal you with its grace.

Visiting these places will not just give you a glimpse of Kumta, but also let you soak in the beauty of the city. I have crafted this itinerary in such a way that you don’t just end up visiting Kumta, but actually experience it like a true traveler.

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