Gelephu is a small town on the Indian border, and in the Sarpang District of Bhutan. We visited Gelephu on our 10 day trip to Bodoland as a part of the Bodoland Ambassador Program S02. Gelephu is quite near to Bongaigaon in Bodoland, and we made a short day trip to this little town.

Although, we couldn’t explore Bhutan as it was not a part of our schedule, we did manage to get a taste of the Bhutanese culture by visiting this little town.

What to Shop Bhutan

In this post, I am specifically going to talk about the local products that you can buy in Gelephu which are authentic to Bhutan. If you ever visit Gelephu or any other city in Bhutan, use my post as a shopping checklist!


  • You can head to any of the supermarkets in Bhutan and buy these products.
  • Bhutan supermarkets accept mostly cash.
  • They accept INR but return the change in BTN (their local currency). So make sure you are aware of this when you shop.

1. Dried Mushrooms

Mushrooms are widely cultivated in Bhutan and are one of my favorite foods! I love cooking with mushroom and it is something that I usually order every time I eat out.

If you’re in Bhutan, don’t forget to buy a pack of dried mushrooms for back home. All you have to do is soak them in hot water and once they turn soft, cook them like you would usually.

Price: 110 – 160 INR

Dried Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms

2. Dalle Picke

Dalle is a special type of chilli grown in Bhutan and are widely available at the supermarkets as pickles. If you’re in Bhutan, don’t forget to buy a bottle. They taste quite good.

But let me warn you, they’re hot. I can only eat half a chilli with my entire meal and the last time I ate it, my whole face began to sweat 😀

Price: 150 INR

Dalle Pickle

3. Incense Sticks

Bhutan is quite famous for incense sticks. They manufacture and use them at temples and monasteries. If you are in Bhutan, grab a small packet of these. They’re available in various sizes.

One thing to note is that these incense sticks are not like the regular ones we use back in India. They’re quite thick and don’t have a handle. We’re still figuring out how to use them!

Price: 25 – 100 INR

Bhutanese Incense Sticks

4. Canned Fruit Juice

Some of the canned fruit juices in Bhutan come with chunks of coconut jelly in them. They’re quite sweet but loaded with artificial color and preservatives. You can tell from the taste. But a bottle of cold fruit juice in the sultry weather of Bhutan shouldn’t matter much, eh?

Price: 40 – 50 INR

Canned Fruit Juice

5. Bhutan Wine

Bhutan is quite popular for its locally made wine. They are found across supermarkets and their best variant is the Peach flavored wine. It tastes really sweet and I personally love it! If you’re in Bhutan, carry a few back home and gift them to your friends and family.

Price: 145 – 375 INR

Bhutan Wine

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