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Thank you for your interest in working with me!

Rock and Solo is a solo female travel blog with a good readership from across the world. I, the owner of the brand, am extremely passionate about growing my blog as a business and building everlasting partnerships with the companies/brands that I work with. My core principles are delivering high quality work in the utmost manner of professionalism and sincerity, building meaningful relationships that can evolve into potential future partnerships, and placing my readers/viewers above everything else when I recommend a product/brand while being a 100% honest with them.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

  1. Destination Marketing: If you represent a Tourism Board, a Local Tour Company or any other organisation interested in promoting a specific destination along with your brand, I can help you in terms of writing blog posts, making videos and promoting your brand/destination on my social media channels. We can also work together towards potential future partnerships for my upcoming retreats.
  2. Advertisement Videos: If you are a travel organisation/company, and require an effective advertisement video with a host, to talk about your product/brand and its offerings, I can help you. I will be the host in your video. You can check out my work with Homestays Kerala here.
  3. Hotel Reviews: If you’re a luxury hotel (3-star and above) and need a review blog post or a full hotel tour published on my website and my YouTube channel, I can help you. We can also work towards potential future partnerships for my upcoming retreats. You can view some of my work here.
  4. Press Trips/Fam-Trips: I have a penchant for visiting unexplored destinations and if you represent an organisation aiming to promote tourism in an unexplored destination, I would be more than happy to attend your press trips/fam-trips.
  5. Product Marketing: If you are a brand that creates vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free and travel-friendly products and wish to be promoted on my website and social media channels, we can work together.
  6. Partnerships/Collaborations: If you are a brand/company that wishes to collaborate with Rock and Solo in any manner that deems beneficial for both the entities, we can discuss a potential partnership.

Again, all of the partnerships above are subject to terms and conditions and must be in alignment with my niche, principles and target audience. 

I am looking forward to working with you!

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